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Clients may come to our store and make material purchases for children ages Newborn to 6T. If pregnant, clients can also select maternity clothing for themselves. Items offered in addition to clothing include formula, diapers, wet wipes, bath tubs, toys, baby food, diaper bags, etc. All items purchased must be paid for through our Store Bucks program*. No items may be taken without completing our enrollment application and aquiring Store Bucks.


*Store Bucks are similar to Monopoly money and are used as currency to pay for material items available at our store. Donations may be exchanged for Store Bucks, but no cash or check is accepted. We do not replace lost Store Bucks.

Earn While You Learn

E.W.Y.L. is an educational program for our clients to learn and engage in child-rearing topics and safety. From labor and car-seat safety to identifying baby cries, clients can watch the videos and complete worksheets during the videos to earn Store Bucks used to purchase materials.



Sometimes life is hard and a comforting hand or an encouraging word is greatly needed to help you get through the rough times. At New Beginnings, we offer confidential mentoring to mothers who need help with their marriages, children, personal or emotional well-being and we are here for you in your time of need. We are always here to pray for your needs.

Other Services

Free Confidential Pregnancy Testing

Referrals to Doctors and other local Agencies

Volunteering Opportunities

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