Since 1980, NBPRC has been a non-for-profit agency dedicated to helping families in our community. Through the generous support of our donors, we have been able to provide materials, references, counseling and support to those in need.


Our Mission

NBPRC is a Christ-centered ministry devoted to the sanctity of life, where teens, women, men and families facing pregnancy or parenting issues may experience the love of Christ through educational, material and spiritual support.

We are committed to the sanctity of life. We do not refer clients to abortion clinics, provide the morning-after pill or other over-the-counter drugs/pills used after conception. We firmly believe that all life has value and has a purpose here on earth before, during and after birth. If a client is not wanting to keep her baby, we have a waiting list of families who are interested in adoption and have recently been a part of an adoption process. We will walk the client through her pregnancy and help the adopting family with any questions they may have.

New Beginnings goes beyond the norm of providing materials to individuals in need of assistance. They take time to teach, mentor and encourage, proving they are dedicated to the service of others.